Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nightmare - Full Trailer!

I am happy to present the first full trailer for Nightmare, my next major film project at CarrCom Films. I have set a rough due date of May 2013 as filming is over half way done and will wrap up in the coming months as we have more time to focus on it.

This trailer reveals a bit more of the story elements, such as Henry's feud with his family and the recurring nightmares that plague his sleep. The other character speaking is of course Bill, his flatmate, who you will learn more about as time goes on. And no, they are not gay (you'd be surprised how many people are likely to ask me that). The music used is a dark and disturbing instrumental rendition of Little Old Man, a famous nursery rhyme, which I used because I feel it's freaky lullaby like vibe is suitable for the concept of dreams in the film.

Anyway, please enjoy and leave me some feedback! Good or bad, it's always appreciated!