About Me

My name is Andrew David Compton. I was born on September 9, 1994 in Southampton, United Kingdom. I studied at Upper Shirley High School during 2006 - 2011, garnering around 16 GCSE qualifications (many of them meaningless) and then studied at Brockenhurst College from 2011 - 2013, achieving A Levels in Film, Media and English Literature. I started a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course at Arts University Bournemouth during September 2013, but dropped out after around two months as I felt unhappy, bored, and instead wished to practice making my own film projects whilst working full time. I returned to university as a mature student in September 2019, this time studying Film Production at Solent; it started very well and led to the creation of some great video content. Lecturers were impressed with my ability and a project I worked on (an interview with cinematographer Tim Maurice-Jones) received the second highest possible grade and was shown throughout the university. In the end, however, I left after my first year following a decline in the course quality, falsely advertised field trips and when facing discrimination from fellow pupils for my epilepsy. Uni, at the end of the day, just wasn't my cup of tea.

What may be pretty darn obvious to you by now is that I have a strong interest in the art of filmmaking. To me, it is a portal into limitless creativity and one that has an unmatchable appeal. Anyone can grab a camera and film some random nonsense, but it also takes little resources, money and team members to formulate a meaningful and artistic piece of film. It's such an easy thing to enjoy and allows for endless limits and unimaginable excitement.

I was known to many as Gameking53, my former Youtube account where I made video game related videos from 2007 until around 2013; such videos included game reviews, top ten lists and game comparisons. My channel rose in popularity over time, with at least 4000 subscribers and 1000 views per video. Despite such success, I closed the channel in August 2014 as I simply did not wish to monitor or be associated with it anymore; filmmaking was my new path in life, but I was instead being identified mostly as a video game journalist. I thank everyone who followed it during its lengthy run, your support was very much appreciated, but in the end I just needed to move on with my career ambitions.

I currently work at Autek CIC, a company that develops video content and virtual tours among other things with a focus on accessibility. I have greatly enjoyed my time there so far since beginning in 2021, and things are looking better and better as time goes on. 

My blog is your gateway to my latest movie reviews, memoirs and news on my personal filmmaking projects. My CarrCom Films channel has been active since 2012 and is where all my film projects are uploaded. They're not masterpieces (some very dated), and I intend to have studio input with future productions within Autek, but it was certainly good fun to make them and a huge learning experience for everyone involved. Check them out, and thanks for stopping by!