Monday 28 May 2012

Another clip + news for The Attic!

With June 28 only a month away, I feel it's time to start building a bit more hype for The Attic. The film is very close to completion and filming is scheduled to wrap up on June 2, which is this Saturday. The idea came to me in September 2010, writing began in November 2010, we shot the opening scene in October 2011 and began regular filming on February 5, 2012, so it's taken a hell of a long time to put this together and it's going to be sad once everything is finished. However, I am certain the end result will be something many people will enjoy.

Of course in terms of image quality it's not on par with bigger films, as this is my debut film (the Five films were mini experiments, this is my first piece of genuine filmmaking) and it has been shot with the same SD camcorder used to film The Map of Five and The Reign of Five. It's not the best camera in the world, and I intend to purchase a much nicer HD one for future film projects.

I've been working on a new trailer which is due to be uploaded nearer the film's release. I am also going to create a poster for the film which should look pretty nice (it's not going to be anything over the top or well photoshopped, but the idea I have is pretty freaky) and, for now, I have uploaded this small clip which is featured in a scene near the halfway mark of the film. Here we see Joseph grab a knife and enter his attic as if to confront something, but why? What has he seen? Well I'm not going to tell you, you will find out in good time.

I've got two film projects planned for the future (not anytime soon, as these will need better equipment, bigger casts and a bigger crew) and a small short film project which should come beforehand. I'm not announcing any names just yet, as they are just ideas being developed, but you will learn more as time goes on.

Enjoy the clip! The full film is coming June 28, so don't miss it!