Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Attic at LSFF 2013!

The London Short Film Festival is an annual media event that takes place in January across multiple venues in London which strives to showcase a plethora of short film projects spanning multiple genres, acting as a 'Mecca for the UK's young creative talent'. The festival began as the Halloween Short Film Festival, initiated by founders Phillip Ilson and Kate Taylor in 2003, and is celebrating its tenth anniversary at its next gathering in January 2013.

Why I am telling you this? Because I have submitted The Attic to this festival after fishing about for ideal places to try and screen the film, and if luck is on my side, it may very well be accepted into the line up of films to show and be a contestant for the Popcorn Horror Award for Best Horror Short, an award the festival bestows to (funnily enough) the best short film in the horror genre submitted. The prize for garnering such an award is £300 in cash, a year long subscription to the Popcorn Horror phone app as well as two weeks free promotion for the winning film, which will be done via the Popcorn Horror website. A LomoKino 35mm camera will also be gifted to all of the winning filmmakers, regardless of their award. Pretty sweet!

Of course, I don't want to get too cocky here - there is a chance that The Attic may very well be rejected once the staff view the preview screener (which was posted today, due to reach them in about 3 days) if they dislike it or find any problems with its formatting or whatnot. The film was reedited before submission to include 100% public domain music, meaning all the tracks taken from Marco Beltrami's score of The Woman in Black have been replaced by new tracks from Incompetech. Copyright is a huge concern when submitting to festivals, and I couldn't risk getting rejected or, worse, landing in serious trouble with angry record companies.

So, we will see how things go, and I will keep you updated in regards to whether or not The Attic is accepted into the line up of short films at the festival! I'm hoping it does, so that the film gets the recognition people think it deserves! Thanks again for everyone who has watched and provided feedback for the film, and also for people who have supported future CarrCom projects!