Wednesday 14 August 2013

The Dragon Dream

On August 24, 2012, I posted a blog post that likely amused and confused many people. The blog post spoke of the events of a dream I had in May 2011, relating to a comet passing the Earth that was portrayed in a number of video games I played including Pokémon and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

I can't remember the last time I had a dream that wasn't as cool as that one - until now. A few nights ago I dreamt a rather vivid one involving a pet dragon I had befriended. It was quite bittersweet in a way, and as I woke up I felt rather strange indeed.

It's a hard one to remember but had several completely out of place scenarios. The first of which had me competing in The Death Games (yes, they were really called that). These games had me surviving a number of strange tasks, failure of which would result in forced suicide. The picture you see above is the closest I could find to a dark blue corridor I was walking through with other contestants. Upon opening a random door, I discovered the body of a person I knew from school who was also competing. He was hanging by a rope from the ceiling, his neck snapped and his face wide eyed and lifeless, as he had lost and was forced to kill himself. Pretty damn freaky.

And then, what's next? I go to visit my dad at work, but in some truly fucked up dystopian world where the water levels refuse to act normally. I had to cross a bridge to the other side of a large body of water at the docks, and almost lost my phone, explaining to whoever I was with that finding it in the water would've been impossible. I then traversed up a large embankment of stones and sand, approaching a tall building, inside which the water levels fluctuated and shifted dramatically for no apparent reason. The events that happened after this are clouded in my memory unfortunately.

Trains are animals, apparently. Animals we had dressed up in metal plating to do our bidding. This was less of a slavery sort of thing and more of the trains being our companions, much like horses pulling traps. The trains didn't meow or bark, and they looked no different - it was just a definite fact established in the dream that they are living organisms. But this only seemed to apply to steam locomotives. You want me to make sense of that? Haha, good one.

By now you're all wondering what relevance the title of this post has aside from the random picture of Dratini. Well, in a way, so am I. When I remember this dream, I remember a complex relationship established between me and my pet dragon - but I don't remember that specifically. That truly exemplifies the power of dreams and their dramatic effect on your emotions. The only appearance of the dragon that I can remember is when it died - its death was linked to a giant sheet of ice, and it had apparently drowned or frozen to death, and lay motionless as I sobbed uncontrollably in front of it, comforted by my friends.

And then, I kid you not, this quote was spoken in the dream. Rarely do I have dreams this poetic, but never do I have dreams that speak such a meaningful piece of advice.

We must keep the ones we love close because the world won't do it for us.

No joke, guys. My brain came up with that in its unconscious state while, in the real world, I was probably snoring away like an asphyxiated pig. I even remember waking up from all of this with a feeling of affection and sadness, and a slight tear in my eye. For once, a dream with MEANING.