Monday 9 September 2013

Birthday Times

It's that time of year again - today I turned 19 years old, which isn't as impressive as finally becoming a legal adult in 2012 but still good all the same. Also unlike 2012 is, annoyingly, my lack of a day off today - I am spending it at University (Arts University Bournemouth), which I began attending last week.

This year I got a few cool things: the first series of Friday Night Dinner on DVD, a deadkitten for my microphone, Star Trek Into Darkness on DVD and a new razor, sparing me from buying endless packs of shitty ones from Poundland. My girlfriend also got me, at my request, the first two seasons of Thomas & Friends on DVD and the recently released Diamond Edition of The Little Mermaid. Got lots of clothes too. Good stuff.

I've been out for a meal with my family to celebrate, and will soon be going bowling with my girlfriend and a couple of friends in the week. Fun times indeed!

PS: A deadkitten is a furry shield for a microphone to provide wind resistance in exterior locations. It is not a dead baby cat. End of.