Friday 15 November 2013

CarrCom Blubs - Nightmare

Well it's been well over a year since a CarrCom Blubs post, and seeing as our latest film Nightmare hit cinemas worldwide in May, it's time to sniff through it and prove how easy it is to mess up when working on such a big project. Here are most of the goofs you will find in the film, from beginning to end!

  • Revealing (2:30) - A disastrous attempt at using my old camera's manual focus. Instead of the focus racking from Henry to the demon in the background, the entire shot is out of focus and then suddenly becomes more sharp.
  • Continuity (6:45) - The shot eases in on a set of photos beside Henry's bed. Check back at previous shots in this scene - the photos weren't there.
  • Plot hole (11:00) - Are we to assume that Bill went downstairs and never heard the same loud noise Henry heard, and also did not hear Henry shout his name? Talk about being deaf.
  • Plot hole (22:07) - Henry heard a loud crash from his room - turns out it was just Bill dropping a frying pan. It then took Bill the same amount of time it took Henry to leave his room, go downstairs and enter the kitchen to pick up the frying pan.
  • Revealing (26:47) - When Henry hits the floor, some coats and a tripod bag are visible behind him. They then disappear in the next shot.
  • Revealing (43:07) - When the camera pans down to the front of the house, you can see myself and Nathan filming in the window reflection.
  • Revealing (51:02) - In the reflection of the cabinet beside Bill, you can see a strange person wearing a bizarre Panda hat...
  • Continuity (53:47) - Henry throws Bill his diary using his left hand. When we cut in, the diary is now in his right hand.
  • Continuity (54:07) - In this cut, Henry and Bill completely change positions from the previous shot.
  • Revealing (55:19) - Henry hits the floor and then rushes from the room. In the reflection of the glass next to him, we can see a strange person with orange leggings perched on the bed.
That's all I could be bothered to find. And please take note: never take me seriously in these posts.

Thanks for reading!