Wednesday 19 September 2012

CarrCom Blubs - Five

Welcome to my next mini series of blog posts featuring my CarrCom film projects. This time, rather than take a look at the trailers, stills or behind the scenes coverage, let's have a peak at the botched up moments! Not the stuff you may have seen in the outtake reels, but some more subtle continuity or revealing errors which show just how stupid we people at CarrCom are.

To start off, we'll take a look at the blubs in Five, the first CarrCom film. Enjoy!

  • Continuity (2:05) - Here we see Andrew's mouse cursor scroll up to the X on the MSN window just as he closes it. If you look closely at the MSN window, you can see messages exchanged between Five and Andrew that were never shown beforehand. This is because the scene was cut down as it began to drag.
  • Revealing (3:07) - When Andrew gets to his feet having previously been unconscious, he peers at the window which is inexplicably open. Then, as he walks over to it, he looks at the camera very briefly. God, what moron portrayed him?
  • Continuity (4:26) - After Andrew hears Five's voice down the phone when attempting to call the police, he drops the phone and runs back to his bedroom. The brief shot of the hallway as he flees the kitchen reveals that the small white note with '5' written on it is no longer there.
  • Continuity (5:11) - When Andrew reaches for one of the post it notes strewn across the hallway wall, he uses his left hand. It then cuts to a close up, where he is now using his right hand. We cut back to the former shot, where he is using his left hand again. We then cut to a mid shot, where he's gone back to his right hand!
  • Visible crew/equipment (7:31) - In this close up shot of Andrew thrusting the knife into his chest, one of the tripod legs is visible in the bottom of the frame.
  • Nitpicking Plot Hole (entire film) - Where the hell are Andrew's parents?

Well, not a very large one, but interesting all the same! I'll continue this series with my other films in good time! Thanks for reading!