Friday 28 September 2012

CarrCom Blubs - The Map of Five

We've explored the few blubs in the first CarrCom production, so now it's time to move over to the sequel: The Map of Five. This film had a lot more room for such errors due to more locations, characters and narrative elements, and with a dreadful script alongside atrocious acting, it couldn't be more apt to have its own blub list...

  • Revealing (3:30) - Perhaps one of the most well known blubs in the film due to me mentioning it endlessly. George knocks the back gate and yells "Yo, Nath! Let me in, the door's locked!". Though seemingly okay, this line actually makes no measure of sense - for one, it is a back gate and not a door, but also the gate is always locked to anyone outside when closed. George implies the gate has been manually locked, but it is closed and he would need a key to enter regardless. How moronic.
  • Revealing (4:33) - When speaking his line ("Yes, alright, I am!"), Nathan looks at the camera twice.
  • Editing problem (4:35) - Right after the line is spoken, there is an awkward cut as George moves away - this was a failed attempt to make it look like the same shot.
  • Other (4:47) - Are we seriously gonna believe that Nathan couldn't see the map on the floor right next to the desk?
  • Audio problem (7:22) - When George snaps at Nathan, the start of his dialogue is slightly cut out, making the line sound very jarring.
  • Audio problems (7:22 - 8:10) - Throughout this scene where the two boys talk outside Andrew's locked house, there are continuous audio problems with the sounds of cars and other background noises constantly playing and then cutting out. This also occurs visually, as we'll see in a minute.
  • Revealing (7:56) - When we cut in to Nathan exiting the driveway and being called by George, a car appears in the background out of nowhere.
  • Revealing (8:04) - This time we cut to a close up of Nathan. The previous shot was from inside the house as George entered, with no cars visible on the road, yet when we cut to this next shot a red car passes Nathan immediately.
  • Editing problem (10:14) - When we fade back to Nathan after the flashback of Andrew writing the journal, there is a flaw with the transition which makes the close up shot jarringly shift.
  • Revealing (10:48) - Nathan pushes the open the door to see Andrew's corpse motionless on the bedroom carpet. However, this makes no sense - if you pay attention to where Andrew's legs are, it would not have been possible for Nathan to have opened the door without some force and shifting them aside. Derp.
  • Revealing (12:05) - When George explains to Nathan about the voice he heard from the phone, Nathan is trying with all his might to surpress a smirk.
  • Other (12:47) - Though it may not be a genuine blub, it's still a noticeable cock up - this close up of Nathan's eye, which repeats multiple times alongside one of George's, is blurry as hell.
  • Revealing (12:54) - After speaking his line here, George looks at the camera.
  • Revealing (12:55) - Nathan is looking up the stairs alongside George, but in the previous shot he had turned around to face the door.
A much bigger one this time round, but that concludes this week's blub list! Next time we'll dive into the mistakes of The Reign of Five, the final film in this masterful trilogy.