Monday 29 September 2014

The Belated Birthday

It recently came to my attention that I missed the tradition of writing a birthday post on my 20th birthday some three weeks ago. While it's not record breaking news, I still want you all to bow before me and wish me a happy belated birthday. I am that important.

Well, I got some clothes and stuff, but my main present was back in July - when I went to see The Lion King on stage with my family, who paid for the expensive ticket. It was quiet birthday in terms of gifts, but it became brilliantly memorable when me and my girlfriend won free tickets to Thorpe Park, with a date chosen at random. It just happened to be my birthday, so we made last minute plans to go there and, with twenty two rides done in just a day, it was certainly a good time!

Now, wish me a happy belated birthday or I will kill you. Understand? Good.

Have a great day.