Friday 12 October 2012

CarrCom Blubs - The Attic

So we've already covered the timeless Five trilogy, but now it's time to move onto something that actually has a plot, decent acting, actual atmosphere, unfunny villains...sorry, got carried away. Let's move onto the blub list of The Attic, CarrCom's biggest and most acclaimed film to date! We shot over 2 hours of footage for this monster and it was cut down to a 45 minute film, so there's plenty of room for stupidity.

  • Factual mistake (2:07) - Not really a true blub, but an interesting bit of revealing trivia. At this point we hear the train announcer state that the next station is Southampton Central. This was of course dubbed over, as it was in fact two stations away.
  • Revealing (5:08) - Bit tricky to see, but this close up shot shows Joseph calling David Hughes' house phone. The phone states it is a Saturday (which it was on the day of filming), but in the context of the film, Joseph attended college that day which means it had to be a weekday.
  • Continuity (6:17) - In this shot, Joseph exits the kitchen at David's house. At first he clearly closes the door whilst facing away from it toward the staircase, but in the next shot, he is right in front of the door and facing the bathroom one.
  • Continuity (9:04) - In this shot, the train is supposed to be at the station. However, if you look on the far right of the screen between a white pillar and the brick wall of the waiting room, you can see the very edge of the platform and the train is now gone.
  • Continuity (9:50) - Joseph is standing on the footbridge, confused at David's repeating words down the phone. As he stands bewildered in this shot, his left arm is reaching out and holding the wall of the bridge, but in the very next shot his arm has dropped to his side.
  • Continuity (11:53) - Joseph grabs his bedroom door and opens it with his right hand, but in the next shot, he is opening it with his left hand.
  • Continuity (19:35) - When Joseph opens his wardrobe, an Amazing Spider-Man poster is seen beside him which was not there in previous scenes.
  • Continuity (19:39) - Joseph's bed has consistently had a zebra striped duvet and Union Jack cover on it, yet in this shot it is shown to have a brown cover instead. You can also see the duvet very slightly to the far left of the screen; it is now dark blue.
  • Plot hole (19:41) - Joseph grabs a torch and packs it in the bag, yet in the final night scene he is shown using matches to see.
  • Continuity (20:44) - When Joseph enters David's room upon returning to the house a second time, the posters in the background have been shifted around. This is quite hard to spot without both shots to compare.
  • Continuity (20:51) - David's bedroom duvet has been consistently dark blue textured with images of stars and moons up till now, where it has suddenly turned jet black.
  • Continuity (22:44) - Joseph has a sip of his glass of water, holding it in his left hand. In the next shot where he exits the house, it is in his right hand. Then, when he appears on the lawn of the garden, it is back in his left hand.
  • Continuity (25:49) - This shot which scrolls over the final tattered note clearly shows that Joseph is holding it with one hand, yet in the next shot he is holding it with two. This is of course because I was holding the camera to film the close up pan.
  • Continuity (29:05) - When Joseph enters the empty bedroom of the house, a new poster has appeared out of nowhere on the wall to his left.
  • Revealing (35:27) - We see the audio recording of David's panic play on Audacity, and then abruptly end. Obviously Joseph just repeated this part of the recording, but you can still see the Audacity file playing with no sound.
  • Audio problem (37:35) - Though this occurs in minor doses throughout the film, it is most noticeable here. When the camera pans up to the lit room of the house, you can easily hear the movement of the tripod craning.
  • Deliberate mistake (match scene) - Does this house have no smoke alarms? Of course for filming purposes they were manually switched off to avoid annoying interference, but it's still a mistake.
  • Continuity (several) - There are a couple of errors with continuity throughout the film thanks to Joseph's phone. When Joseph calls Mike at 17:16, the date is shown to be May 18. Joseph then returns home and immediately departs to David's house, where the weather changes instantly from rainy to bright and sunny (20:01). The day after, Joseph receives another ghosting call from David (36:31) and the date is shown to be May 23 - it should be May 19. Also, when Joseph checks the time at 22:21, it is shown to be 4:32pm. However, when he called Mike on the same day a few hours before, the time was shown to be 5:15pm on his phone. Oops.
Wow, the biggest blub list of them all! That concludes the CarrCom Blubs blog series until next year, when Nightmare shall get its own list (of course it needs finishing first). Thanks for reading!