Saturday 6 October 2012

CarrCom Blubs - The Reign of Five

At last we arrive at the final blub list for the Five trilogy: The Reign of Five was a lot more polished than its predecessors when it comes to technical aspects but had a few dumb plot holes and errors. Let's check them out!

  • Revealing (1:02) - It may not be that obvious a blub, but it is evident in this scene that Nathan is not even typing but just gently tapping the keys.
  • Factual mistake (5:11) - George was beaten to death but merely has red stains across his face. In reality, he'd have some serious bruises and broken bones along with a lot more blood.
  • Plot hole (6:52) - Despite claiming earlier that Five could never gain freedom with one soul, his master then asks for Nathan's own. Granted, the map is also part of the deal, but it is never made clear why Nathan's soul is so critical to it all.
  • Plot hole (7:12) - Five, in Nathan's body, claims he cannot touch the map when not in a physical state - so then how does he move it when in his invisible demonic form to lure his victims?
The smallest one yet...but I'm sure there'll be plenty more blubs to admire when The Attic's list arrives...